Intensive Home Care Nursing for invasive/mechanically ventilated Adults& Children with Tracheostomy and their Families. Intensive Care At Home Pty. LtdTM is focused and specialised on Intensive Care Home Nursing for long-term invasive and mechanically ventilated Adults & Children with Tracheostomy, requiring ongoing high level and specialised nursing care in their own homes. We have created the opportunity to take your loved one home on a ventilator with professional 24/7 support and care for Tracheostomy ventilation at home.

This site not only gives you information about long-term ventilation with Tracheostomy and Tracheostomy Care in the community, it also supports and educates families of ventilator dependent adults& children with Tracheostomy about the possibility to wean mechanical ventilation in a home care environment as a genuine alternative to a long-term stay in Intensive Care. You will also find free support& resources in our resources & education section if your loved one is still in Intensive Care. Just click on the link there.

Quality of Life Care for Tracheostomy ventilation at home

INTENSIVE CARE AT HOME Pty. LtdTM. is an alternative home health service provider, with the goal of providing Quality of Life and/ or Quality-of- end-of life, for ventilated Adults& Children with Tracheostomy and their Families with currently no perceived alternative, but to stay in Intensive Care indefinitely, to stay in Intensive Care for long periods of time or worse- face treatment limitations, due to a Patient requiring long- term invasive and mechanical ventilation with Tracheostomy. INTENSIVE CARE AT HOME is a genuine alternative to a long-term stay in Intensive Care.

Our services also provide Quality of Life for Adults or Children who require Non-Invasive mask Ventilation such as CPAP or BIPAP in their own home. We also provide Tracheostomy Care services for Adults& Children who are Tracheostomy dependent and not ventilated. Find out more in our services section.

Critical Care Registered Nurses

In order to provide our Customers and their Families with the best possible service quality, holistic service optimisation and therefore assurance of achieving our Customers goals, INTENSIVE CARE AT HOMETM exclusively works with Critical Care Registered Nurses who have a minimum of 18 months nursing experience in a Clinical Intensive Care environment or with Critical Care Registered Nurses who have completed a post-graduate Critical Care Certificate or equivalent.

The very strength of our concept and service relies on its flexibility and on its cooperation between the Customer, their Families and the nursing team, in order to achieve Quality of Life and/or Quality of-end-of- life for our Customers and their Families.

Our “can-do” approach meeting your holistic needs

Our nursing care and our “can-do” approach, is tailored towards the holistic needs, of the individual and their Families and is 100% tailored towards a home environment, focused on opportunities and possibilities, where Quality of life, as well as Quality-of-end-of life can be restored.

The very centre of our approach towards holistic care is the individual Customer, their Families and their needs, with the goal of living a life of independence, based on your own individual life goals, spiritual, cultural and religious needs.

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News& Updates 

  • Please also note that INTENSIVE CARE AT HOME has been selected as a preferred provider for Queensland Health Services as part of the recent “Hospital in the Home” tender. If you are in Queensland please contact us on  041 094 2230